Yesware and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail

Create authentic communications and connections within your inbox.

Yesware is an inbox productivity platform that enables authentic email communication at the scale required by today’s business environment. We’ve integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to bring you some powerful features to increase productivity within your inbox.

Better follow up

Identify the right prospects by seeing the LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile associated with an email address.

Connect with prospects by sending personalized Sales Navigator connection requests or InMail directly from the Yesware sidebar.

Stay up to date with your prospects by monitoring their Sales Navigator Highlights and Recent Activities.

Authentic, Automated Conversations

Scale and manage your daily communications with Yesware Campaigns. By taking a multi-channel approach and incorporating LinkedIn Sales Navigator touches, you’ll be able to make genuine connections in no time!

Connect on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Not connected with a prospect on LinkedIn? Schedule a touch to connect on LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Message on LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Having trouble reaching someone via email? Send a direct message via LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Already a Yesware and Sales Navigator Customer?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator in your Yesware for Gmail Sidebar:
In Gmail, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available in your sidebar by default. Simply click the LinkedIn tab to sign into LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Once you sign in, you’ll notice a LinkedIn icon next to any email address in an email thread or in your compose bar. Clicking the icon will bring up the contact in the sidebar. From there you can ask for an introduction, connect, message, save in Sales Navigator, and more. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Touches in your Yesware Campaigns:
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Touches are available in Yesware Campaigns by default. Yesware Campaigns lets you create multi-touch campaigns in Gmail; now you can utilize the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create touches that let you connect or send a message via LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Find out more information about how to get started with campaigns for Gmail here.

You can toggle all LinkedIn Sales Navigator features on/off by following the instructions here.

Please note that Sales Navigator for Yesware is only available for Yesware Trial, Premium, and Enterprise users who also have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise license, and is currently only available for customers using Gmail as their email service provider.

Not a customer of Yesware or LinkedIn Sales Navigator?
If you don’t have either Yesware or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, don’t worry! Sign up for a 
Yesware free trial and a Sales Navigator free trial

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